NationDNS Registry

NationDNS is providing Micronational Top-Level Domains (mnTLDs) for micronations and their respective governments. Join NationDNS to professionally expand your micronation’s online presence.

Get It Done With Us

NationDNS provides a variety of internet services, to get your mnTLD online in a snap!

Web Hosting

NationDNS can provide integrated web hosting solutions for your government and end-users. Our web hosting comes with an uptime guarantee and integration with your custom mnTLD, for ease of use and reliability.

Registry Services

NationDNS has partnered with ModernTLD to provide mnTLD services to our clients. We have a reliable backend and an open API for registrars to implement end-user registrations.

White-Label Registrar

Our white-label registrar solution allows your government to offer domains on your mnTLD to end-users for free or specified pricing, depending on your needs. Your registry can be completely customized and you can sell integrated web hosting services alongside domains.

Services starting at $4/year. Many discounts available.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Citizens

NationDNS allows you to build an entire online community for citizens of your micronation. Provide citizenship related services and online forums, blogs, and more on your custom internet namespace.


Analyze Your Web Traffic

NationDNS can provide analytics and insights into your citizenship and their internet usage on your domains. We provide aggregated DNS analytics models and deep web traffic insights upon request for many sites on your custom mnTLD.

Get started today with a mnTLD completely customized for your micronation.

Managing Your Government Online Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

NationDNS online services is a complete online governing solution, providing you with web hosting, DNS services, a domain registry, email accounts, and more, for low, flat-rate fees. Get started today and take your micronation to the next level.

"Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with a 30-day money back policy, no questions asked!"

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