About NationDNS

NationDNS is a product offering operated by ModernTLD to provide Micronational Top-Level Domains to micronations and their respective governments and citizens.

Our Mission

NationDNS was built to create a complete online experience uniting a variety of different micronations and other organizations to build a reliable alternative to traditional Domain Name Services operated by IANA/ICANN.


Get Connected

Our parent organization, ModernTLD, has published guides on how to get connected to our alternative DNS network for various operating systems and routers. Click here to get your devices connected today!

Team Members

This is the NationDNS administrative team. Interested in helping out our operations? Reach out on Discord or IRC.

Jonah Aragon

Executive Director, NationDNS

President, ModernTLD

Chase Brennon

SVP, NationDNS

Technical Coordinator, ModernTLD

Gabriel Young

EVP, NationDNS

Associate Director, ModernTLD

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