All NationDNS Services

NationDNS offers a variety of plans to pick and choose from, and combine to build a complete online solution for your micronation.

Web Hosting Services

These plans can be purchased in addition to a registry plan to create an integrated web hosting solution for your mnTLD.

Email Services

Secure email for your government employees.

In-House Registry

Operate a domain registry for your mnTLD and any other ModernTLD operated Top-Level Domains on your own server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Discounts are Available?

We provide student/educational discounts, and discounts for organizations that actively contribute to open-source projects. If you qualify, be sure to tell us when you contact us. If you think we should provide you with a discount outside of these terms, we’d love to hear from you and we are willing to work things out to meet your needs.

Will my domain be accessible on OpenNIC, FreeNIC, ICANN, ...?

Your mnTLD will be automatically peered with OpenNIC and FreeNIC, as well as ModernTLD/NationDNS’s alternative DNS group of networks. If you want your domain peered with another DNS root, you will have to arrange those terms, but we will be happy to assist you in that endeavour.

Your mnTLD will not be accessible on the ICANN network in almost all cases. This means that your citizens and/or end-users will either need to change their computer configurations to ModernTLD’s servers, or OpenNIC’s DNS servers in order to access your mnTLD.

What is OpenNIC?

OpenNIC is a user owned and controlled Network Information Center offering a democratic, non-national, alternative to the traditional Top-Level Domain registries. Users of OpenNIC DNS servers, in addition to resolving host names in the legacy ICANN DNS, can resolve host names in the OpenNIC operated namespaces with which they have peering agreements, including NationDNS and ModernTLD.

While OpenNIC may seem confusing to many new users, it’s quite simple to setup and start browsing. By following some simple guides you can be up and running in no time!

What is an mnTLD?

An mnTLD, or Micronational Top-Level Domain, is a TLD specifically designed for micronations. Similar to a ccTLD, which are in use by standardized countries, mnTLDs are operated by a micronational government and provide registrations to their government, businesses, and citizens. They are also occasionally open to public registrations.

If you operate a micronational government, contact us to see how our registry services can develop the tools your nation needs in the online world.

What if I don't run a micronation?

NationDNS provides DNS, Registry, and Web Hosting services exclusively to micronations. If you want to operate a gTLD for your organization or business, or if you wish to develop a ccTLD for your country on the ICANN namespace, ModernTLD (our parent organization) can provide you with registry services to fit your needs.

What If I Have Another Question?

Please feel free to get in touch with us on Discord or other communication channels and we’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you, your government, and your citizens may have.

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